PPE charge explained

It was our original intention to be able to provide all PPE for our patients and ourselves, free of charge to the patient, which we have done for the past two and a half months. However, it looks like these measures are here to stay for a while yet.  Unfortunately it is a substantial and unsustainable additional cost for our business in the longer term.  From the 17/8/20 there will be an additional £2 fee on all treatments and consultations.

The cost covers:

  • patients masks
  • single use aprons
  • single use gloves
  • osteopath’s surgical masks
  • visors (where needed)
  • specialist cleaning products (we use 90+ % alcohol based cleaning products).

The PPE we wear as osteopaths, is in accordance with the level required by Public Health England Guidelines. This level of protection keeps us as safe as possible, so when you are having treatment you know we are doing our best to protect you by protecting ourselves.

We request that when attending treatments you use the three ply masks we provide. This ensures we know the masks of are the correct quality, are clean and single use. This affords you and us as osteopaths, the best protection too.

We hope you understand our decision and please be rest assured that if we are able to reduce this cost in time or when PPE is no longer required this additional charge will be removed.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support