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Osteopathy in pregnancy



Benefits of Osteopathy during pregnancy.

Don’t forget about mum – Osteopathy in Pregnancy

Back pain, headaches, hip pain and more severe pelvic joint pain are all common complaints in pregnancy, which osteopathy can often help with.


Why does Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) occur?


Anatomy of the pelvis.

Huge postural and hormonal changes, as well as increased weight of the growing uterus can all place strain on your muscles, joints and ligaments. SPD (PSD or PGP) develops when the ligaments which hold the pelvis together undergo a “softening” process and it can lead to painful stretching and separation of the pelvic bones.  Pain is often felt low down at the front of the pelvis, over the pubis, in the thighs or around the hip bones.  Ladies often complain of audible “clicking” in their pelvis and hips when they move.

Understandably patients are often worried about how they will cope during the labour.  Your Osteopath will be able to reassure and offer advice about ways to cope and positions for birth which will reduce the strain on the pelvis.


How Osteopathy can help in pregnancy

Osteopathic treatment in pregnancy can help to release tension and mechanical imbalances, to help your body accommodate and adapt to the postural changes required.  Restoring postural balance to your body can help with many common problems, to make your pregnancy much more comfortable. Pregnant ladies tend to respond very well to gentle techniques which are adapted to be suitable for use in pregnancy.

If you are at all concerned about treatment in pregnancy please consult your Osteopath to discuss your concerns. For more information please see the FAQs section relating to osteopathy in pregnancy.

If you have any concerns relating to the health or progress of your pregnancy please consult your midwife or G.P. before booking an appointment.


Check-ups before and after birth

An osteopathic assessment after birth can assess and release any stresses and strains within your body as a result of the pregnancy, labour or from caring for a new born.

See also osteopathy for babies and children.


At Cheadle Osteopathy we feel so passionately about getting mums and babies off to the best start in life, that we offer a “Mum and Baby check” at a reduced fee


Useful Sources

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Institute Of Osteopathy (Formerly BOA)

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