Case Studies

Ankle Ligament Sprain – Case Study 5.

Ankle Ligament Sprain – Case Study 5. Mr P was a 26 year old Quantity Surveyor who presented to the clinic complaining of a “turned ankle”. He explained that his passion was Fell Running and that he spent all his spare time competing in races. He... read more

Osgood Schlatter’s – Case Study 4.

Osgood Schlatter’s Tom was a 14 year old boy who came to the clinic with his father complaining of right sided knee pain. He first noticed pain and swelling below his patella (knee cap) two weeks before. Initially he was only aware of pain when playing football... read more

Sciatica Case Study 3.

Sciatica Case Study 3. Mrs. R. is a 42 year old Office Administrator from Didsbury who presented to the clinic with severe right sided lower back and leg pain. Symptoms The symptoms had started three weeks before after an intense weekend of spring cleaning. Initially... read more

Workstation Ergonomics & Clinical Assessment – Case Study 2.

We were asked to conduct a combined Clinical and Workplace Assessment of Miss G, a 34 year old lady working within a sedentary environment. She was experiencing Pain / stiffness / restricted range of motion through the upper back and cervical spine. Waking with headaches which generally increased during the working day.

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