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Pricing / Fees:

(All sessions take up to 40 minutes)

Entrance hall. Cheadle Osteopathy. Pricing.

Entrance hall. Cheadle Osteopathy.

New Patient Consultation – £48.00 

Follow-up Treatment – £44.00

If you wish to purchase Gift Vouchers for yourself, family or friend, please select options below (payments made via PAYPAL):



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Mother and Baby Check-up: If we have treated the mother then we offer a “check-up” consultation for the baby at half price and vice versa.

Our methods of payment are cash, cheque or debit card. 

Apologies but we no longer accept CREDIT CARDS.

If claiming through health insurance please see the FAQs section for our policy for payment.


Have any other questions?

See our Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) or contact us and one of the osteopaths will be able to answer your specific questions.


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