Neck pain & tingling arms – Case study 1

Angela was a 61 year old retired primary school teacher.  She enjoyed traveling, golf and looking after her grandchildren, every Saturday.  She came into the clinic with severe pain on the top of her right shoulder and neck pain with intermittent numbness and tingling of her right hand and forearm.

After taking a detailed case history, Angela recalled that she had had a neck injury several years ago in a car accident, where she was rear-end and shunted while waiting at the traffic lights to change. After the incident she was experiencing discomfort and stiffness in her neck so she saw her GP who gave her anti-inflammatory medication and was told to rest for a few weeks.

Over the years, her neck had periodically caused her problems but she had assumed it was just her age.

A thorough examination of Angela’s spine and shoulder movement and the muscles around the areas was performed.  Certain tests were also performed to assess the condition of the nerves, which all indicated that there was nothing more serious going on, which may have required a referral back to her G.P.

It was concluded that tightness in the neck and shoulder muscles and poor mobility in her upper back together with poor shoulder posture was causing the joints in her neck to become compressed, affecting the nerves passing between the joints.  This was resulting in the numbness and tingling in her arm.

Treatment focussed on improving her upper back and neck mobility together with loosening the muscles around the neck, shoulders and upper back.

After several treatments, Angela was pain free and was given some shoulder stability exercises and stretches to help improve her posture and prevent the problem from reoccurring.


Neck pain & tingling arms.