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BackCare Awareness 2016 – Caring for Carers


BackCare Awareness 2016 – Caring for Carers
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BackCare Awareness 2016

Caring for Carers


BackCare Awareness 2016 Week falls on 3rd – 8th of October.This year their goal is to highlight the role of the UK’s 7 million unpaid carers. They perform an incredibly important role, providing care and support for family members, friends or neighbours. This almost invisible work force saves the Government £119 billion every year (more than the entire NHS expenditure annually).

BackCare Awareness 2016

BackCare Awareness 2016 – ‘Caring for Carers.’

It is only now recognised that 70% have an increased risk of developing chronic and debilitating back pain. And it’s not simply the physical demands placed on their bodies from transferring from bed to care or assisting with showering. It may also involve emotional stress, particularly if it’s a family member or loved one.


BackCare Awareness 2016 wants to both celebrate the role of carer and also wants to highlight the increased risk that they are exposed to. If you are a carer, the friend of a carer or the actual individual being cared for, you may be best placed to recognise this risk.



The Surgery Door has a fantastic guide for carers and certainly worth a read (click here). It looks at how to improve and maintain the health and well-being of carers. It gives advice about nutrition, training (from e.g. district nurses), rest and treatment (including acupuncture and osteopathy). They point out that ‘caring’ can be a very rewarding business but also extremely taxing, calling on all your reserves of emotional and physical energy. It’s easy to prioritize the needs of someone else and neglect your own welfare. Ultimately it will not only affect your health but also impact the quality of care you provide.


If you are a carer and struggling with lingering back or neck pain then why not come in and have a consultation with one of our Osteopaths. You’ll get a diagnosis and treatment but they can provide you with exercise and lifestyle advice to help you stay healthy so you can continue caring.


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BackCare Awareness 2016 – Caring for Carers

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