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Sacro-iliac (SI) Joint Dysfunction



Examination – Sacro-iliac (SI) Joint Dysfunction   Cheadle Osteopathy

Sacro-iliac (SI) joint dysfunction is one of the more common causes of low back pain. It is usually located either side of the lower back, although it is often described as a band across the lower back.

Common symptoms

Anatomy of Sacro-iliac Joint (SI)

Sacro-iliacThe sacro-iliac (SI) joints lie at the bottom of the spine, below the lumbar spine and above the tailbone (coccyx). It connects the sacrum (the triangular bone at the bottom of the spine) with the pelvis. These joints support the entire weight of the upper body when we are standing, which places a huge amount of stress on them.

Causes of Sacro-iliac (SI) Joint Dysfunction

Sacro-iliac1. Osteoarthritis – (wear and rear/degeneration) occurs when the joint cartilage surface wear wears away and the bones rub on each other. 2. Pregnancy – hormones present in pregnancy cause your ligaments that help stabilise your pelvis to stretch to allow for delivery, this can cause discomfort. 3. Injury – awkward twisting, a fall or accident, or simple misstep can damage your SI joints. 4. Sacroiliitis – inflammation of the SI joint. 5. Change to walking pattern – This may include leg length discrepancy, an existing injury (to foot, ankle, knee or hip) or scoliosis. 6. Following Back Surgery

Management of Sacro-iliac (SI) Joint Dysfunction

How Can Osteopathy help with your Sacro-iliac (SI) Joint Dysfunction?

If Osteopathy is considered suitable then it can be highly effective in helping Sacro-iliac (SI) Joint Dysfunction, both for an acute episodes as well as long term management to help avoid further episodes. Our treatment is geared towards relieving the pressure on the nerves, muscles and joints, through a gentle combination of soft tissue massage, stretching techniques and joint mobilization.

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