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We can help to ease the pain of your arthritis and get you moving again. 

Hearing the word ‘arthritis’ can be very worrying.  You may be concerned that it will get worse or not know what you can do to help it without risking aggravating your symptoms.

Don’t worry – we are here to answer your questions, put your mind at rest and help you to understand what it all actually means.

Osteopathy cannot treat the arthritis itself or ‘reverse’ the damage that’s already occurred but what we will do is develop a bespoke care plan to help alleviate the pain and empower you to self-mange your condition.

We work alongside your conventional treatments and exercise; helping to keep you moving.

“It’s a really pleasant environment to come to. They made me feel totally relaxed, comfortable and at ease during the treatment”

If this is a new symptom for you and you are concerned you may have arthritis please consult your G.P. who will be able to examine you or refer you to get an accurate diagnosis.

What is arthritis? How do I know if I have it?

There are many different types of arthritis but osteoarthritis or ‘wear and tear’ is most common. It can affect any joint in the body.

The cartilage (shock absorber) in joints can start to wear out over time. This allows the bony surfaces to rub together causing pain, inflammation and stiffness.

If you have other more specific forms of arthritis such as rheumatoid, psoriatic or ankylosing spondylitis, osteopathy may also be able to help reduce your discomfort and can be tailored so it is very gentle; taking into  account the  other  complications  that may co-exist.  Please call us to discuss your condition  before booking your appointment.


Treatment for hip and knee osteoarthritis pain

Arthritis is also known as ‘wear and tear’ of   joint. It can occur in any joint of the body. Osteoarthritis is common in hips and knees, as these joints take a lot of loading over the years.

If you’re suffering with the  pain of arthritis, you may be finding that your joints feel stiff or your movement is limited and painful.

You shouldn’t have to live with pain and just accept these symptoms. There are things  we can do to help alleviate your pain and put you in control of taking active steps to manage your arthritis pain.

Osteopathic treatment, often alongside your conventional treatment and exercise, can help to relieve the pain of arthritis and improve or maintain your mobility.

We will give you  exercises and advice to manage it at home too, now and in the future.

Treatment for spondylosis/arthritis pain affecting the spine

You may have been told you have spondylosis or seen it on an X-ray report but haven’t got a clue what it means.  It can sound like quite a frightening word.

Spondylosis  is another way of saying ‘wear and tear’ or ‘degeneration’ of your neck, mid or lower back.

Managing spondylosis or ‘wear and tear’ in your back often involves physical therapy, such as osteopathy or acupuncture, exercises, knowing what to avoid and sometimes medications.

Osteopathy cannot reverse the spondylosis, or “wear and tear” changes. However we can help  to increase or maintain your movement, ease tension in the muscles around the affected joints and advise and support you on how to look after your back now and in the future.

A bespoke treatment plan will help you to feel reassured and keep you moving. We are here to listen, understand your pain and help you to make sense of your symptoms.


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We always take a through case history and if we feel you need further investigations by your GP we will refer you on. We are also happy to work alongside and in support of any conventional treatments you may be having, through your GP.