Headaches and Neck Pain

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A bespoke plan of treatment for neck pain or headaches will help you to feel reassured and take back control of your pain.

Being in pain can be worrying; you want to know why it’s happened and how to get rid of it.  We are here to listen, understand and help you to make sense of your symptoms.

You shouldn’t have to put up with pain –  let us help.

“I have been able to continue to live life as I want to, not restricted by the fact that I was suffering with pain”

Treatment for tension headaches

Tension headaches can feel quite debilitating and prevent you from concentrating, working or enjoying time with your family. Many people don’t want to keep taking pain killers and you shouldn’t have to. Osteopathy can offer a more natural treatment for headaches to  prevent and manage your pain.

Are you suffering with:

  • pain at the back of your head or a “band like sensation” across the front of your head?
  • dull aching head pain?
  • tenderness on your scalp, neck and shoulder muscles?
  • neck pain and stiffness?

You may have tension headaches.

There can be many different causes, including muscular tension, jaw problems or neck stiffness.

By taking time to listen to your symptoms, and following a thorough examination, we will identify and explain to you the specific cause of your tension headaches.

A personalised plan of  treatment for your headaches will be put together to relieve your pain and resolve or reduce the triggers.

Headaches can be worrying but please rest assured your osteopath will examine you thoroughly refer you onto your GP if needed.

Treatment for migraines

Migraines can have a significant negative impact on people’s lives. Absence from  work or school and missing out on social events due to migraines are not uncommon. We want to help you to live the life you want to again.

The causes of migraines are often complex and multifactorial (lots of different things trigger them). You have probably already tired lots of different treatments for migraine. 

As osteopaths we look for mechanical issues within the head, neck, muscles and even jaw, which may be significant triggers for your migraines.

Treatment for migraines works by reducing some of these mechanical triggers and identifying other factors such as lifestyle, diet.   We can help to relieve your pain and manage your migraines better.

Treatment for neck pain, stiffness, cricked or locked neck

Neck pain can be acute (sudden) or chronic (an ongoing issue).

It may feel like:

  • muscle spasm, making it difficult to move / find a comfortable position
  • stiffness and reduced movement
  • grinding or clicking sensations in your neck
  • referred pain into your arm or hand

Neck pain can leave you feeling frustrated, grumpy and tired!    

Our hands on treatment for neck pain includes  massage, joint mobilisations/releases and stretches as well as exercise advice.  It will help to relieve your pain and improve your mobility and comfort with everyday tasks.  

You don’t need to accept it or hope it will  get better on its own.  Let us help you to work out what is going wrong, relieve your pain and prevent it from returning.

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