Cheshire Doula Services meets Cheadle Osteopathy

I had the great pleasure today of meeting Lauren from Cheshire Doula services (www.cheshiredoulaservices.co.uk).  Without meaning to sound cheesy, it was truly inspiring to meet someone who is so passionate about genuinely helping & supporting women (& their partners) through pregnancy, birth and the early days of parenthood.  Lauren is just a “normal” mum (whatever that is – they’re all pretty special in their own way), she doesn’t dictate or have fixed ideas about what’s right & wrong but believes  in a women’s right to choose the sort of pregnancy and birth that she wants.  She encourages Mums to find out & understand all their options – from hypnobirth & home births right through to  medications, pain relief and hospital births – doula support can be empowering for all women, what ever choice you feel is right for you & your family. Once baby is here she is able to offer support in lots of ways – from advice, a listening ear, doing the ironing, picking other kids up from school or even sharing a coffee whilst supporting you through your first public breast feed!

As an Osteopath who supports women physically (& emotionally) through pregnancy,  helping with pelvic girdle pain and mechanical preparations for birth, I look forward to sharing ideas and working together with Lauren to help those ladies, their families & their babies.