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Getting treatment for sciatica early and understanding why it’s happened is vital for your recovery.

Sciatica can feel like a sharp shooting pain into your leg or through your buttock.  You may feel a dull ‘toothache’ sensation, with our without numbness and tingling.

Sciatica can be worrying and often limits normal daily activity and disrupts sleep.

Regular over-the-counter painkillers don’t commonly help.  This can leave you  feeling lost, not knowing what the best treatment for sciatica is, how to relieve your pain and get back to normal again.

You don’t have to accept the pain and hope it will just go away – let us help

Our expert osteopaths are here to guide you onto the right track, educate you about how you can help yourself and put you back in control.



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Causes of sciatica

  • trapped nerve in your back
  • disc problems
  • tight buttock muscles that compress the nerve (piriformis syndrome)
  • wear and tear or spondylosis in your back, that traps the nerve
  • pregnancy – can be related to the position of the baby or secondary joint stresses and strains

Your treatment for sciatica

By taking time to listen to your symptoms, and following a thorough examination, we will identify and explain to you the specific cause that’s affecting you.

By getting to the root cause of your problem we can plan the best treatment for sciatica, that’s personalised to you.

Your plan will help to  relieve your pain and assist you with advice and exercise to do at home, to aid your recovery.

We often work closely with Pilates instructors or personal trainers who can assist you with rehab too, once the initial  symptoms have settled.

Sometimes Sciatica needs to be investigated further, in which case, we can refer you to your GP if scans or further investigations are required.

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