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Babies & children



Gentle & relaxing treatment for babies & children.

Babies & children

Did you know…?

The head is made up of 26 small bones which have intricate joints between them. In babies these joints are very mobile and are designed to overlap and squash down in order for the baby to be born.

Lots of small, delicate nerves called cranial nerves, have to pass through tiny holes within and between the bones of the head.

Babies’ skeletons are much softer than adults so we use Cranial Osteopathy to treat them.

The belief is that by using very gentle pressures on the head and body may help to soothe your baby, helping them to feel more relaxed and contented.

Cranial osteopathy for babies and children is safe, non-invasive and does not hurt. It is extremely gentle. Parents can hold, feed, talk to and even play with children during the session if they wish to. The important thing is to keep the baby/child happy and relaxed… and the parents too!


Don’t Forget about Yourself

At Cheadle Osteopathy we offer a special Mum and Baby package – investing in the well-being of mum and baby after the birth. See the clinic and fees


Cranial Osteopathy for Growing Babies & Children:

Cranial Osteopathy can be enjoyed by people of all ages, not just babies.

An occasional check up with a Paediatric Osteopath may be helpful in alleviating any aches and pains, following bumps and falls or minor sports injuries.

The soothing, calming and relaxing nature of the treatment can help them to feel more comfortable and relaxed.

We sometimes work with patients with specific needs such as those with disabilities or learning difficulties.  Please feel free to speak to us prior to your appointment to discuss these.

Osteopaths are trained to screen for medical conditions and will refer you/your child onto a relevant health care professional if required, for example the G.P. or health visitor.

Paediatric Osteopathy is not an alternative to mainstream medicine and we often work alongside G.P.s and Health Visitors, referring patients to them when appropriate.  If you are concerned about your child’s health, please speak to your G.P. / Health Visitor before booking an appointment.


Gemma Irvine and Kate Dewhurst are specialists in using Cranial Osteopathy, having trained with The Sutherland Cranial College (SCC) and The Osteopathic Centre for Children (OCC).


Useful Sources

General Osteopathic Council
Institute Of Osteopathy (Formerly BOA)

Osteopathic Centre for Children (London)


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