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Osteopaths look at the whole body, not just the part that hurts. All parts of the body are interconnected, so an imbalance in one area can affect another.

We also consider how lifestyle factors such as your job, commute, hobbies, how you sleep, diet and stress levels affect your pain. We put all this information together to build a picture of you as a whole person, not just a ‘symptom’.

By treating you as a whole person, we can address the root cause of your pain. We are here to guide you and empower you with the knowledge of how to prevent your pain from reoccurring

We use our hands to:

  • massage (soft tissue techniques)
  • stretch and mobilise the joints
  • manipulate the joints

Additional support and advice:

  • exercise prescription packages that are tailored for you, so you can continue your recovery at home
  • where appropriate, support with other lifestyle changes

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