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Getting treatment for frozen shoulder straightaway means we can give you the best advice and get you on the right track to recovery.

Having a frozen shoulder can be a worrying time as it often limits your ability to perform everyday tasks,such as dressing and washing, caring for your children and getting a good night’s sleep.

We are here to listen, understand and help you to make sense of your symptoms.

Starting your frozen shoulder treatment plan early on is vital to starting the healing process.

We can help to relieve your shoulder pain and improve mobility.  Frozen shoulders do take a while to heal but, they do.

A bespoke frozen shoudler treatment plan will help you to feel reassured and take back control.


You don’t need to feel worried about the impact it’s having on your life – let us ease your mind and help you to feel better.

We work alongside and in support of any conventional treatments for frozen shoulder you may be having, through your GP.

What is a frozen shoudler?

A frozen shoulder feels exactly as it sounds. It feels frozen – painful, generally worse at night, and often the movements you can do with it are severely limited.

This is because the capsule (bag) around the joint has become inflamed and sticky and it sticks to itself, preventign the shoudler from moving.

Symptoms of frozen shoulder include:

  • pain:  Pain is usually felt in the shoudler and a tight band / gripping feeling around the top of your arm.  Pain may extended further down your forearm too.
  • stiffness and limited movement:  This is a key feature of a frozen shoudler.  Sometimes the restriction in movement can be severe and debilitating.
  • sleep disturbance:  You may find that the pain is worse at night.  It can be difficult to find a comfortable position for your arm and often wakes you from sleep.

Frozen shoulders develop in three stages.  Firstly the freezing stage.  This is when the shoulder is painful and starting to become stiffer and more restricted.  The frozen stage is a time when the pain is lessening but the restriction can still be severe. Lastly the thaw, as the movement starts to return.  Each stage can last several months.

The earlier in this process you can intervene with treatment for frozen shoulder, exercsie and lifestyle advice, the sooner you can start your recovery.  Putting you back in control.

Treatment for frozen shoulder

Treatment for frozen shoudler includes; massage, joint mobilisations, stretches, home exercsies and self help, to support the hands on treatment. 

It can be really helpful for managing your symptoms and pain and speeding up your recovery. 

We want to reassure you, support you and get you back to doing the things you love as quickly as possible. 


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We always take a through case history and if we feel you need further investigations by your GP we will refer you on. We are also happy to work alongside and in support of any conventional treatments you may be having, through your GP.