When to see an Osteopath

Sep 5, 2019

When to see an Osteopath might seem like an obvious question.

You may be familiar with booking an appointment when you’re struggling with pain and we are happy to get you back on track again.

But what about seeing an Osteopath when you aren’t in pain? Or just have a few aches but nothing that’s stopping you?


“I’m not in agony, do I need to see an Osteopath?”

Neil put off coming to see an Osteopath for years, as “[he]didn’t think he was in enough pain”. He didn’t really have any “major” issues, just aches and pains, which he had accepted as part of getting older and that nothing could be done about it. He was wrong.



Sadly too many people accept the odd niggle and pain. But what if your body is actually trying to tell you – “I need a bit of TLC, if you want me to keep doing all the things you ask of me?”


Your body is amazing – it will keep going and keep going.


When to see an Osteopath - Cheadle OSteopathy

When to see an Osteopath – Cheadle Osteopathy

Your body has been stuck at computer most of the day, slouching on the sofa, lifting the kids in and out of the car and then a sudden work out at the gym or pushing yourself on that run. And your body does it, without complaint, most of the time.

So when your body does complain and start to give you pain, it’s the last resort. It’s your body trying to talk to you “ Hey I’m starting to struggle now, I can’t keep doing this much longer, I don’t want to give up on you, but if you push much further, I’ll have no choice”.

Ask yourself – what have I put my body through this week? This month?

If your car was making strange noises and lost power on acceleration – you’d take it to the garage.  You wouldn’t wait until the car ground to a halt.

If your mobile phone battery was flat you’d charge it. You wouldn’t wait until it was empty.

If your roof was leaking – you get it fixed, rather than leave it until a major issue or more damage had occurred.

You understand early intervention and prevention is important for looking after some of your most important possessions in your life.

So why not yourself?

You deserve the same level (more in fact) of self-care and maintenance than the “stuff” you own.


You can replace a car, a phone, a house – but you only get one body. One body to last a lifetime (a long one hopefully). Looking after your physical and mental health shouldn’t be a luxury or a
“treat” it should be a priority.

Whent o see an Osteopath

Feel better and enjoy life free from pain – Cheadle Osteopathy

 The  body M.O.T.

If it’s a while since you’ve been in for a treatment or maybe you’ve never been before, maybe it’s
time you booked in for an “M.O.T.” on your body. We can help to ease tension, improve
mobility/flexibility, release muscle pain and help you to feel more comfortable and relaxed.

These sessions are a great opportunity to see how your body is doing, and we can offer advice on
desk set up, the best exercises for you, choosing a new mattress, stretches and much more.  It’s your opportunity to pick our brains.



We love to support our patients in improving their overall health and well-being, helping you to achieve your personal goals. Whether it’s running a ½ marathon, leading a more active lifestyle
when life is busy, preparing for your Ski holiday, or just having more energy and movement to run about with the kids, we can help.

Don’t wait until you’re in acute pain – let us help you to prevent that happening and keep you doing the things you love.

Times when a maintenance treatment might be especially important:

  •  Spending long hours at a desk
     Stressful time of life –caring for older parents, difficult teenagers, busy at work. Stress is a
    leading cause of back pain. Self-care becomes essential during these times.
  •  Regularly commute in the car, especially if long distances.
     Thinking of having a baby, pregnant or just given birth – these are big changes for your body
    to adapt to
  •      Thinking of starting a new sporting activity or who regularly train and participate in sports
     Kids going through growth spurts


Cheadle Osteopathy - 3 steps to feelign better

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One body for one lifetime, look after it, it’s amazing.

We want to keep it that way.

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