Manual Handling Training at ITV Wales.

Jun 19, 2013

Just arrived back after a long drive from Cardiff after a fun-filled day delivering manual handling training to Reporters at ITV Wales. They were nice guys but they did look a little forlorn when we first arrived to do the session. They had the expression of newly press-ganged sailors who have just woken up, still groggy but who realise they are twenty miles from shore. Glad to say that by the end of the day their feedback was really positive and so our reputation remains intact.

manual Handling training

Self-Shoot Camera Training at ITV Wales, Cardiff.

It was a landmark day as we realised that this latest group have helped us cross the ‘150 delegate’ threshold during this particular project. In four years we have travelled all across the UK and the Channel Islands conducting manual handling training sessions. Unfortunately there was no celebratory cake.

We are very lucky to work closely with a really experienced team of Camera Operators and Senior Reporters who tutor and mentor the Correspondents and Reporters (from ITV News and ITN). They provide the ‘techy advice’ on how to self-shoot news stories, using the latest HD quality digital cameras. Our role is to provide the Manual Handling advice on how to use this equipment safely and of course convince delegates to adopt good habits by explaining how the body responds to stresses and how to avoid injury (and generally breathe life into what can be, a dull subject).

Full marks to the group today. They asked some great questions and particularly embraced the practical sessions. We pride ourselves on making them both fun and engaging although one delegate did ask if we were fans of the Generation Game.

manual handling training

Work Station Ergonomics.

Pleased to say that despite the fun and frivolity we covered all the Manual Handling training that their new role brings (dealing with the camera, tripod and additional equipment) and also got them thinking about the other major aspects of their role like multi-screen editing and hot-desking.


Manual Handling Training at ITV Wales.


Manual handling Training

iOS-UK Manual Handling & Ergonomic Solutions


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