“Modern Life Is Rubbish.” – And does it cause Back Pain?

Sep 9, 2013

“Modern Life Is Rubbish.”

Well……maybe not quite.

But it could be argued that in the last 20 years (!) since Blur released their album (Modern Life is Rubbish), despite all technological improvements, that actually our quality of life hasn’t greatly improved. We can of course boast that we have more computing power in our phones than the computers that coordinated the Moon Landings but this fascination (come dependence) on technology has had profound effects on both our work and social lives. Its created a sedentary population.
The charity BackCare warns of a “cultural epidemic of inactivity”, predicting a marked increase incidence of back pain for people in their 20s and 30s.

Typical Gaming Posture.

Typical Gaming Posture.

Even more worrying one recent study states that 45 per cent of children have suffered back pain by the time they are eleven!

Adam al–Kashi, head of research and education at BackCare, described today’s lifestyles as “dangerously convenient”.
“There are many pluses to modern life and technology, but the darker side is how it divorces us from the need to use our bodies and exert ourselves physically,” he said. “We are now living dangerously convenient lifestyles where you don’t even have to move to exist.”
Mr al–Kashi added that “there is certainly a correlation between that psychosocial pressure to live up to certain expectations, and the extra demands placed on young people, and a rise in the numbers suffering chronic back pain,” he said.

A recent survey conducted by our cousins at the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) has found that:

16 to 24 year olds – more than a third say sitting still for long periods triggers neck or back pain.
25 and 34 year olds – three in 10 agreed.
18 to 34 – 50% regularly suffer back pain.
40% of respondents to the study spend the majority of their time at work seated.
32% feel that sitting still for a long period of time can trigger their back pain.
33% of young people have never had their backs checked by a medical professional despite their pain, putting them at risk of developing serious chronic problems later in life.


Longest daily commute in Europe.

Longest daily commute in Europe.

Mr Al–Kashi added: “Even if you are an avid gym member and work out intensely every day, if you are still sitting in the classroom or office motionless for hours on end, those gym sessions will not entirely counter the effect of a sedentary lifestyle.”


Come and see us at Cheadle Osteopathy if you are concerned about your family’s back health. In addition to treatment we can provide rehab and workstation advice.



‘Sedentary lifestyle is leaving us in pain.’

‘Young people ‘suffering back and neck pain due to sedentary lifestyles.’

‘Lazy lifestyles and childhood stress inflict back pain on the young.’


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