You Tube Videos for Back Care
You Tube videos for back care - "Back in a minute."

You Tube videos for back care – “Back in a minute.”

You Tube videos for Back Care:

We hope you all had a great weekend, enjoying these crisp, cold autumn days -maybe you were snuggled up watching a good film, out for a bracing walk or enjoying a pub Sunday lunch.  Well not for us.

Our Sunday was spent  filming our new series of you tube videos!  We have put together a series of “Back in a Minute” (spot the clever play on words) you tube videos for back care.  As the name suggests they are short, one minute films about common back complaints and how they can be treated/managed.  So far they include:

What’s a disc?     Disc Injuries    Sciatica    Sacroiliac Joint (SIJ) Dysfunction     Scoliosis    Facet Joint Pain     Spondylosis     Muscle Strains & Ligament Sprains

As well as an introduction to “What’s Osteopathy?” and some general information about our clinic and what makes us unique.

They still need editing down (we have enough botched attempts to fill a whole programme of “It’ll be Alright on the Night”) and we need to add graphics and diagrams but we are really excited about the getting the finished article live.  We’ll keep you posted about when you can view our you tube videos for back care.  We’d really welcome you feed back – after all our aim is to produce videos which are useful and informative for our patients, so your opinion is really important to us.  Likewise if you have any suggestions of topics you might like to see videos on or exercises and advice etc. please let us know.


You Tube Videos for Back Care