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Having your injury assessed and getting the right advice early on is vital.  Not only will it improve and speed up your recovery but it will help to prevent further injury potentially caused by training inappropriately on it.

An injury can disrupt your training routine.  It can be be very frustrating and even have an effect on your general sense of wellbeing, if you can’t get out and about exercising as you normally would. The benefits of exercise at any level are so important for your physical and mental health.

Our team of osteopaths is here to listen to your story about how the injury occurred, look at the reasons why it occurred and how we can prevent it from happening again. 

Through our advice and rehab exercise prescription packages, we can give you clear, detailed advice about what exercises you can be doing to get better quicker.

This enables you to take back control when it comes to managing your injury, feeling better and getting back to doing what you love.

The benefits of exercise, at any level, for your physical and mental health are so important – so don’t let an injury derail your hard work.

Common causes

  • poor technique or compensations for other mechanical issues in the body that you may not even be aware of. This can lead to repetitive over use injuries.
  • poor preparation, especially when starting a new activity. Getting a structural “M.O.T.” with one of our Osteopaths before you start a new activity, can help to build good habits from the start and hopefully prevent the injuries in the first place.
  • incorrect use of equipment or ill-fitting foot wear.
  • loss of flexibility

Growing bodies

Young people tend to recover from injury quickly and may feel that they’re indestructible, but care should be taken to develop good exercise habits.

We can all remember falling off a bike or getting a rugby or football injury and recovering quickly at the time, but the damage may return to haunt us as we get older.

Young people and teens are especially vulnerable because they are developing strong muscles on an immature skeletal system, which can result in excessive strain on the muscles and joints.

Our osteopaths can help get them on the right track and encourage them to adopt good exercise habits, early on in life. Looking after young sportspeople is an investment in their future health and ability to continue to enjoy sports long in the future.

Remember: Prevention is better than cure

A check-up at a sports injury clinic can be particularly helpful during pre-event training, to identify problems and prevent injury. Early intervention is the key to good tissue health and repair, should an injury occur.

Robert Chernick is a specialist in treating sports injuries with a background in biomechanics, exercise prescription and sports science which he studied at The University of Leeds. However all of our osteopath’s have training and experience in treating minor sports injuries.

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We always take a through case history and if we feel you need further investigations by your GP we will refer you on. We are also happy to work alongside and in support of any conventional treatments you may be having, through your GP.