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About Gemma Irvine

I always knew I wanted a job where I could help people in some way. After looking into several different career roles, I stumbled across Osteopathy. I was hooked, it was what I had been looking for.

It’s not brain surgery or “lifesaving” but it is life improving and sometimes that’s important too.

Having the skills to relive people’s pain, educate and empower them about their body and their health and see them get back to the things that bring them joy in life, is what I love about my job.

As an Osteopath you get to know the whole family, mum, dad the kids and grandparents and it has a real community feel. You really get to know your patients, which is rare in medicine these days.
You build a professional relationship and trust between you.

I myself attend Pilates classes to keep myself in working order! I have found it has transformed my body and strength of my own back, so I often integrate Pilates exercises into the advice I give to patients.

When I’ not working or doing Pilates, I am probably spending time with my husband (one of the partners in the business – there’s no escape!) and our two little girls.

Specialist areas of interest

Cranial Osteopathy, Treatment of Babies and Children, Pre and Post natal treatment, Pilates

Specialisms : Paeditric Osteopathy, pre and post-natal care

Specialising in treating expectant mums, babies and children, enables me to invest in the health of young people right from the start. Treating and supporting Mum’s is vital too.

New expectant Mums and new Mums often get overlooked. All the focus is on the baby but they need support and to be made the priority sometimes too. After all I believe mums deserve to be looked after too. They shouldn’t accept aches and pains and put themselves to the bottom of the list, just because they have baby. After they need to be all you need to fit and healthy so they can be there when your little one needs them.

All parents want their children to have the best start in life, and so do I.
I often see children as they grow, through the knock, tumbles and bumps of childhood (as it should be). Helping their young bodies to recover from these scrapes, to feel more relaxed and comfortable, and watching them grow, is a real privilege and joy.

I believe whatever your age, young or old, you have the right to feel comfortable in your body and to understand what steps you can take to help yourself or your family. You only get one body, so take care of it.

  • BSc (Hons) Ost. Med. D.O. N.D (British College of Osteopathic Medicine 2005)
  • Sutherland Cranial College – Foundation level, Modules 2 & 3 (2006- 2009)
  • MSc Paeditric Osteopathy (British School of Osteopathy 2009)
  • Accredited Tongue Tie Assessor (The Infant Feeding Academy & Federation of Antenatal Education) (2023)
Other courses undertaken
  • Master Degree Paediatric Osteopathy 2009
  • London School of Running (Assessing running styles and injury prevention) – 2014
  • Promoting Optimal Foetal Position through Osteopathy – 2017
  • Tongue Tie – an Osteopathic perspective 2018
  • Pelvic pain and pelvic tendinopathies 2021
  • Headache course 2022
  • Accredited Tongue Tie Assessor (The Infant Feeding Academy & Federation of Antenatal Education) (2023)
  • Spinning Babies Course (2023)

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Gone the extra mile

“What I really like about Cheadle Osteopathy is that you’re treated as a whole person….I’ve felt really nurtured and cared for and my Osteopath has really gone the extra mile for me”


“At Cheadle Osteopathy they were amazing and looked after Elizabeth so well. She was calmer and able to lie on her playmat, which she had never done before. It has had a great impact on family life”

Made a huge difference

“It’s made a huge difference to my life and what I can do, in terms of movement and activity. I’m on a path moving forwards and I feel so much better in myself”


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