Pietro Luigi Basilico


About Pietro Basilico

I’ve always been interested in how things work, from a simple lightbulb to a more complex engine, and of course, how the human body behaves and performs.

Before I qualified as an osteopath my first degree was in Electrical Engineering.

My life changed when I first had Osteopathic treatment and I’ve been fascinated and inspired ever since.

When studying Osteopathy at University I was particularly drawn to both the Cranial field and Fascial treatment. This is minimalistic and less activet approach. It’s very gentle and relaxing, but at the same time extremely effective.

Nowadays we all live very busy lives and sometimes we forget how the body should feel. I feel Osteopathic treatment helps us to re-set.

I love the outdoors and nothing I enjoy more is the buzz that rock climbing brings.

I also like to keep challenging myself and I’m currently learning to learn how to skate.

To relax I love to listening to music and playing my harmonica.

Most. RQ Osteopathic Medicine
Sports Massage
Lymphatic Drainage Technique

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Gone the extra mile

“What I really like about Cheadle Osteopathy is that you’re treated as a whole person….I’ve felt really nurtured and cared for and my Osteopath has really gone the extra mile for me”


“At Cheadle Osteopathy they were amazing and looked after Elizabeth so well. She was calmer and able to lie on her playmat, which she had never done before. It has had a great impact on family life”

Made a huge difference

“It’s made a huge difference to my life and what I can do, in terms of movement and activity. I’m on a path moving forwards and I feel so much better in myself”


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