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Cranial osteopathy is a safe, gentle and non-manipulative therapy

It can be enjoyed by patients of all ages, including babies and children, adults who prefer a very gentle form of treatment and pregnant women.

Despite what the name suggests, cranial osteopathy can be used on any part of the body, not just the head.

Cranial osteopathy is based on the philosophy that by using our hands to gently release tensions within the head, joints, limbs, spine and connective tissue, your cranial osteopath may be able to help you or your child to feel more relaxed and comfortable.

We believe that the structure of the body and how it functions are intimately linked. Therefore, healthy muscles, joints and nerves that are working correctly, are essential to the health of the whole body.

However young or old, your body has a story to tell. Past trauma, stress and the way you use and hold your body all have an impact on the discomfort you now feel.  Cranial osteopaths take time to listen to that story and examine you to identify the root cause of your symptoms.

We can then offer bespoke advice and exercises to assist your recovery and help you to take back control of your symptoms and prevent them from reoccurring.  If you are looking for a cranial osteopath in Cheadle, Stockport, Manchester or Cheshire – we can help. 

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Gemma Irvine

Gemma Irvine

MSc Paediatric Osteopathy BSc (Hons) OSt. Med. D.O. N.D.

Kate Dewhurst

Kate Dewhurst

M.Ost, PGCert, Specialist Paediatric Practice

Gemma Irvine and Kate Dewhurst are both specialist cranial osteopaths and paediatric osteopaths having trained with The Sutherland Cranial College (SCC), The Osteopathic Centre for Children (OCC) and The University College of Osteopaths.

When booking an appointment for cranial osteopathy/babies and children, please ensure these are booked with Gemma or Kate only.

Cranial osteopathy is performed by fully qualified and registered osteopaths. Cranio- sacral therapy is sometimes offered at certain clinics, but please be aware that the training and regulations are very different from those followed by a cranial osteopath.

If you are looking for a cranial osteopath in Stockport, Cheshire or Greater Manchester, we’d love to help you.  

For more information about the regulation and training of Osteopaths, visit The General Osteopathic Council – you can be sure you’re in safe hands.

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We always take a through case history and if we feel you need further investigations by your GP we will refer you on. We are also happy to work alongside and in support of any conventional treatments you may be having, through your GP.