Shoulder stability exercises – 5 of the best!

Nov 19, 2021

Strength and stability shoulder exercises are great for healing an rehabbing an injury as well as preventing injuries. If you’re thinking of starting to do weights or strength training, then starting with basic of shoulder stability is vital.

Start simple ( that doesn’t mean easy) and build it up!  Our top 5 will give you different levels to work at – from newbie to more advanced shoulder stability exercises.   follow these exercises and progressions of reach stage.


5 of the best shoulder stability exercises – Let’s go!


1) Scapular shoulder stability exercises – back to basics 

Stabilizing your shoulder blades (scapular) is vital to make sure you are working the correct muscles with your other shoulder stability exercises and helps to avoid injury.

Step 1: Work through these other basic Scapular shoulder stability exercises before moving onto the next levels.

Step 2  Scapular squeeze

Step 3  Rotator cuff with band

Step 4  Prayer push

Step 5  Flexion wall slide

2) Shoulder stability exercises – Dumb waiter

This exercise can be done on its own or with an exercise band. 

3) Shoulder stability exercises – Four point kneeling 

Being able to bear weight on your arms requires shoulder stability – to protect your wrists, elbows and shoulder joints.  These exercises may look simple but can be challenging to maintain the stability. Give it a go.   Master each step and then move onto the next.

Step 2     Arm reach

Step 3    Opposite arm / opposite leg or superman pose

4) Shoulder stability exercises – press ups

Traditional push ups are probably the stability and strengthening exercises that you are probably more familiar with.   If you are new to push ups – start with the more gentle wall push up.  Focus on technique stability and control, before moving up to the next step.


Step 2    Knee push up

Step 3   Full push up

5) Shoulder stability exercises  – Rows

Rows are more of a challenge and can be done in different positions and with different resistances to weights to increase the challenge. With any weights work – start with small weights that you can comfortably lift and perform repeated movements with.  Strat small and build from their.


Step 2  Standing row with band

Step 3  Single arm row

Step 4  Forward leaning row

Step 5  Double arm row

Give these exercises a try and see how you get on.  As always, if any exercise gives you pain then stop and seek professional advice.

If you have a specific injury you are looking to rehab or are struggling with shoulder pain – then get in touch and one of our Osteopaths can help build a bespoke plan for you . Our rehab suite is the prefect place to ensure you are doing the right exercises in the right way  with expert guidance.  Book Now to start your recovery 

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