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About Yannick Gracia

From growing up in sunny Mallorca to currently living in Manchester I have always had a passion in enhancing people’s physical well being.

During my osteopathy degree, I worked as a personal trainer, CrossFit and movement coach in London. This dovetailed well with my studies and provided me with a unique understanding on how to improve physical performance whilst reducing people’s injury risk.
My treatment focus revolves around pain and injury management with physical rehabilitation that encourages return to activity/sport.

Beyond osteoapthy I enjoy Brazilian Jui Jitsu, gymnastics strength training and cold water immersion.

M.Ost, Level 3 Personal Trainer, Certified FRC Mobility Specialist, Gray Institute CAFS

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Gone the extra mile

“What I really like about Cheadle Osteopathy is that you’re treated as a whole person….I’ve felt really nurtured and cared for and my Osteopath has really gone the extra mile for me”


“At Cheadle Osteopathy they were amazing and looked after Elizabeth so well. She was calmer and able to lie on her playmat, which she had never done before. It has had a great impact on family life”

Made a huge difference

“It’s made a huge difference to my life and what I can do, in terms of movement and activity. I’m on a path moving forwards and I feel so much better in myself”


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